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Warren and Sheena Luscombe

Location: Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia
Mission: To pastor indigenous Australians and see the Gospel transform the community.

Warren and Sheena have been ministering to the Aboriginal people of Australia. In 2004 they moved to Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia and were appointed Senior Pastors. In this time they have done a major renovation to the existing church building and have also built short-term emergency accommodation for the local people. They have the heart for the valley and have been ministering in and around the surrounding communities, with a focus to disciple people to faith in Jesus Christ. They have an administrative role in supporting the West Kimberley Australian Aboriginal Outreach (AAOM) churches and indigenous Pastors.

Thomas Luscombe

Location: Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia
Mission: To pastor indigenous Australians and see the Gospel transform the community.

Thomas grew up in a missionary family and heard the call of God to follow in his parents footsteps to full time ministry. To this end he works part time, studies and fulfils a myriad of roles within the life of the church that range from cleaning, bus driving, worship leading, general maintenance and preaching, with a lot more in between. Having lived in Fitzroy Crossing for most of his life, Thomas is well equipped in the cross-cultural ministry.


Sam and Alisha Krauter

Location: Rot am See, south Germany.
Mission: Plant churches and oversee their denomination.

Sam and Alisha moved to Rot am See, south Germany in 2010 and were appointed as Senior Pastors of Ekklesia Church. In that time they have seen the church grow from a few to many and have seen many young people impacted with the Gospel. They are training and handing the church over to local leaders. Sam has taken on the role of national leader of the denomination. They pray that their leadership will allow God space to move in their denomination. Germany is a place where many people know about religion and few too many know what it is to have a real and loving relationship with Jesus. They are passionate in seeing a vibrant, faith filled and loving churches impact Germany and the world.

Mark and Andi Bellamy

Location: Stuttgart, southwest Germany.
Mission: Reach out to the youth in town, build small groups for teenagers and young adults, oversee the ministry for kids, teenagers and young adults.

Mark is a part of the OLGA-Gemeinde and studying theology part time. He runs a couple of small groups for teenagers and young adults as well as being involved in the children’s ministry.

Restricted Access Nations

Nick and Fay

Nick and Fay are doctors who have been working overseas in community development since 2013.

Nick is a pediatrician who works with disabled children and their parents. He partners with local and national doctors and therapists to improve management and treatment skills and access to useful interventions. This is done in a disability center, training clinics and training programs in conjunction with international therapists. Nick is a practical man and also produces basic chairs for the use of disabled children. His work in disability prevention includes working with hospital staff who look after newborns, training and the production of phototherapy units for the treatment of jaundice in newborns to prevent later cerebral palsy.

Fay works primarily with local NGO’s one of which runs a women’s shelter and crisis center. This NGO, Hands of Hope, also trains villagers in family values and violence prevention. Fay does counselling in the shelter as well as advising, training and supporting the NGO workers. The other NGO, Ala Too, works in the villages, doing training in community development and health.

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